Free Web Hosting With PHP and My Database

PHP and MySQL are very popular open source programs for websites. You will find that there is a plethora of free web hosting with php and MySQL databases on the internet. However, you should be careful when selecting a host and make sure they have good customer support. Many free web hosting with php and MySQL databases offer limited support. The information below explains how to select a free web hosting with php and MySQL that provide good customer support.

HostGator is probably one of the most well known free web hosting with php and mySQL databases. This host offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth with a moderate monthly fee. They provide Fantastico which is an easy to use program to install your database. Another plus with HostGator is that they offer the most up to date scripts and software which will ensure your site runs quickly and smoothly. Their biggest drawback is their slow response time to emails and support for their product.

Host Gator is not the cheapest option for free web hosting with php and mySQL. This company offers a basic account with twenty gigabytes of space and fifty pages allowed. Their other hosting plans are all over ten dollars per month. In addition, this free web hosting with php and mySQL database has limited support which may make it difficult to add in additional content or products.

GoDaddy is another company that is well known and popular among individuals looking to get free web hosting with php and mySQL. This company offers many different options such as virtual, reseller and dedicated hosting plans. All of their plans start at around five dollars per month. In addition, they provide excellent customer service and provide upgrades as needed.

When selecting free web hosting with PHP and my SQL, one has a great deal of flexibility with Host Gator. They provide the necessary software to access the server and support for the database. There is no installation required and installation is quick. There are no limitations on the size of the database and they have added security features such as SSL certificate support and private SSL certifications.

When searching for hosting providers with databases, it is important to evaluate the security features included with the web hosting plan. Some companies may require that an individual upgrade their SSL certificates before accessing the database. Other companies may require SSL certifications for every visitor to the site. While other companies do not require any type of verification or authentication when viewing the site’s database. Knowing what the hosting company requires beforehand can help to determine which web hosting provider will be best for you.

When looking for free web hosting with php and my MySQL, it is important to take note of the customer service provided. Many companies require that an individual create an account prior to accessing the website’s database. In some cases, individuals may be required to register in order to access the site’s database. This could be cumbersome for individuals who are unfamiliar with how to create an account. If the free web hosting with php and mail has good customer service, they will be able to easily create an account and access the site’s database.

Finding a free web hosting with php and my MySQL is easier than many people believe. When searching for a provider of this type of service, it is important to do the research necessary to find a company that is reputable and trustworthy. Once the customer service is established, it will make it easier to use the service and make the most of the free web hosting with php and my MySQL.

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